On May 27, the Examination Meeting for the Quality Evaluation Standards of Executive Institutions led by China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute was held simultaneously in Beijing and the Internet. It came from Sinopec Materials and Equipment Department, Sinopec Jiujiang Branch, Sinopec Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Branch, Shanghai Instrument Experts from the Instrument Inspection and Testing Institute and other units participated in the validation meeting together with representatives from Adqvalve Beijing Ruituo and other corporate parties.

The meeting reviewed the drafts of the quality evaluation standards for implementing agency products, and proposed that the quality evaluation standards for implementing agency products should be issued as soon as possible to guide the relevant manufacturers on product quality requirements and allow the industry to develop continuously. Provide a basis for follow-up work.

Adqvalve Beijing Ruituo is an international industrial automation fluid control group enterprise. As a manufacturer of all-metal sealed butterfly valves under severe working conditions, its butterfly valves not only have technical advantages in the ultra-high temperature and ultra-low temperature fields, but also have a unique double-fork pneumatic actuator. In the domestic leading position in technology.

This time it was recognized by the Institute and all experts, and participated in the standard verification meeting throughout the process, which is also an affirmation that it has adhered to the quality goal of “pursuit of severeness, focus on cutting off, and smooth adjustment” for many years.

With the continuous development of the domestic chemical industry, Adqvalve has always used technology as the company’s guideline and continuously promotes technology updates. It has also made a breakthrough in the field of special valves. PSA high-frequency cut-off metal seal butterfly valves and anti-surge Vibration pneumatic electro-hydraulic control butterfly valve, pneumatic hydraulic high-frequency switch cut off butterfly valve, these special valves that can only rely on imported, have now achieved independent research and development, and successfully delivered to the owner to use, filling the gap in the domestic valve industry.

In the future, the company will also use technology leadership as its core driving force to bring more high-quality products to customers.