Over the years, the company has continuously developed high-tech and used close-to-production manufacturing models to develop targeted solutions for customers in different industries (chemical, petroleum, petrochemical, power, chemical fiber, chlor-alkali, steel, aerospace, etc.), so that the products have harsh working conditions.

The application experience of the company, whether it is in large-scale petroleum refining plants or high-end laboratories, is full of Edwell Ruituo ’s products. Its professional, precise and reliable design has not only withstood the test of most harsh working conditions, but also Won the long-term application and trust of many new chemical enterprise customers.

Project industry


Achievements of Adqvalve Flow Control

Customer/user Destination/Project Country Valve description Year Sort
Korea natural gas Company HANYANG LNG receiving station Project Korean 1995 Reserves and Transportation
Italy ANSALDO AERIMPIANTI SPA Thermal power plant/Desulfurizing Project Italy 1993 Electric power
DE CARDENS SRL ENEL Thermal power plant Italy 1996 Electric power
Japan oil in Malaysia branch HELANG oil field exploitation Malaysia Soft seated ball valve DN40/50/80/150/900#bronze 2001 Platform in the sea
Germany BASF HANYANG Urea Project Korea 1991 Chemistry
ARAB POTASH Company Salt Factory Jordan 1996 Chemistry
ALUMETAL AG Chemical Fiber Factory Saudi Arabia 1997 Chemistry
ENI Chemistry MANTOVA Italy 2000 Chemistry
Linde Company Siemens KHORASAN Power plant Iran 1995 Air abruption
Linde Company Siemens KHORASAN Power plant Malaysia 1995 Air abruption
PSC PROGETTI SRL/DANECO R.D.F air abruption system/ELBA Italy 1997 Air abruption
Linde Company Air abruption factory/Mississippi pearl harbor USA 1997 Air abruption
Thermal disposal company-BECHTESANMPROGETTI KARACHAGANAK Kazakhstan 2000 Natural gas
ALUMETAL AG TEMA oil factory Ghana Soft seated ball valve
DN15/25/20 ANSI2000 A105;DN50/80/100 ANSI 150 A105
1995 Oil and chemistry